Friday, April 9, 2010

The world really is a beautiful place...

Now that the sun is shining and I can feel the warm air after this LONG winter, I'm ready to share through a blog. I hope to share my inspirations, they may be my family, an awesome new fabric, a new design for, a great recipe, and a budding wildflower or whatever comes to mind.

I find so much inspiration through nature, and I'm finding that my almost 15 month old daughter does too. I took Ellie to Warwick State Park yesterday, she just loves to be outside, and I love to watch as she discovers new things, such as a pine cone or a violet, the small things that most people walk right by are amazing to her. The eyes of a child remind us to take in every moment. The world really is a beautiful place.

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  1. Keep searching for that inspiration. In nature, the possibilities are endless because we all see the world a little different. =)